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Fire extinguishers bring you security

2021 اردیبهشت 26

Only when a family has good security, can it live a happy life;Only by ensuring safe production can an enterprise ensure healthy development.

According to the investigation and analysis of the authoritative public number, fire is one of the most widespread and common safety disasters, whether it is an individual or a team, a family or a business, there may be hidden dangers.To improve everyone's understanding of fire safety, master certain fire safety knowledge and ability, can greatly improve our ability to respond to fire.You are well worth a good quality fire extinguisher.

All seamless cylinders we supply can be produced according to GB5099, ISO9809 and EN1964 standards, high production efficiency, good product quality, fully meet the requirements of national standards and industry standards, welcome to order.

Our cylinder is widely used in chemical, pesticide, metallurgy, medicine, paper making, printing, food, plastics, rubber, textile, light industry, electricity, water purification, and many other industries, can effectively cope with enterprises in the production of most of the scene of the fire, grasp and use our fire extinguisher, to reduce casualties and property losses in the fire will play an irreplaceable role.

The company adheres to the integrity management, enthusiastic service, with excellent product quality and professional service program, has won a good reputation in the professional field.Our products are exported to Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and other countries, deeply welcomed by consumers.In addition, we also attach great importance to the optimization of production and operation, pay close attention to the latest research on fire extinguishers, and apply the latest technology to the production and improvement of fire extinguishers.We strive to explore the most innovative production solutions, and translate into the success of the Chinese market - to create customer benefits and improve the company's high pressure cylinder valve storage tank cylinder.

Main specifications/features:

Material: carbon steel /37Mn/ 34CrMo4

Working pressure: 15/20MPS

Water pressure test pressure: 250/315bar

Wall thickness: 3.5 5 mm

Outer diameter: 103-165 - mm

Standard: ISO 9809-1/-3, TPED/CE

Available capacity: 3-15L

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